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INFOGRAPHIC: Greenspace Can Make Your City Great

Posted on 01/16/13

In a time when modern man is more and more surrounded by the built world, beset by ever increasing stress and overwhelmed by technology, the need for open, sacred places in nature is more important than ever. Every neighborhood needs a Walden Pond in their back yard, a place where people can be in nature and reconnect to themselves, to the land, and to each other.

To help spread the word about the urgent need in nature, we created this infographic — about how why nature is good for us, for our neighborhoods, for economics, and more! If you live in an urban area that needs more nature, share this infographic with your friends, neighbors and politicians. Greenspace can make a bigger difference than we think.

  • J. F. Marcotte

    Very interesting! Can you tell where your data come from?

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