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New short documentary film launches: A Road to Wellness

Posted on 07/02/18

This Wednesday being the 4th of July, we feel it’s a particularly meaningful time to be sharing with you our latest film in the Nature Effect series: A Road to Wellness. It tells the story of The Green Road project; the result of a years-long effort to create a therapeutic nature space on the grounds of the National Military Medical Complex in Bethesda, and to incorporate nature into the treatment of veterans struggling with the unseen injuries of war – namely PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Filmmaker Alden Stoner, who is also a member of The TKF Foundation board, is hopeful that through the film, others will be inspired and view The Green Road as a blueprint.

We want to see more of these spaces beginning to appear in communities throughout the US; everywhere veterans are suffering. Nature holds an undeniable power to foster healing, even when the psychological wounds are deeper than most of us could ever imagine,” Stoner said.

The Green Road was funded by the TKF Foundation and is a National Nature Sacred Award Program recipient.

We invite you to view the film — and to share it; doing so helps us grow both the understanding of the healing power of nature, as well as the impact of this very important project. The Green Road.

Join us in our efforts; share A Road to Wellness.

To view previously released films in the series, see

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