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$5 Million in Grants to Study the Healing and Restorative Power of Nature National Open Spaces Sacred Places Awards Initiative

02/06/12 | View Comments

The TKF Foundation today announced a new $5 million grant program, the National Open Spaces Sacred Places Awards (OSSP Awards), to fund cross-disciplinary teams of designers, research social scientists and community-based organizations to create and study a series of new public green spaces designed with the specific intent to provide spiritual uplift and the opportunity for a deeper human experience through a personal connection to nature. The OSSP Awards program will be the foundation’s final grant making initiative and will effectively spend down TKF’s endowment by 2018.

In announcing the grant opportunity, Tom Stoner, president of the Annapolis, MD-based TKF Foundation said, “In a time when we are more and more surrounded by the built world, beset by ever increasing stress and overwhelmed by technology, the need for open, sacred places in nature is more important than ever. Every neighborhood needs a place where people can be in nature and reconnect to themselves, to the land, and to each other. In order to make this vision a reality, we must document and communicate the transformational impact these spaces can have on individual lives and communities.” Stoner is also the author of the 2009 book, Open Spaces Sacred Places.

By 2030 nearly two-thirds of the world population will live in urban environments. In 2008, more than 80% of the United States population was already there. While more public green spaces are being built every day, a gap exists in the understanding of the impact these spaces have on the human spirit, individual and community well being.

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Team Builder Resource: Attention Interested Applicants

05/16/11 | View Comments

TKF invites teams to come together to address compelling human needs by envisioning and creating Open Space Sacred Place sites in urban areas.

A cross-disciplinary team of the highest caliber will be the lynchpin of each initiative-supported project in order to ensure site and research design are developed and integrated synergistically. Team members are encouraged to work together to develop a holistic approach to the creation and study of a proposed new urban greenspace.

Need help rounding out your team? Please utilize this post to address your project’s team needs; enter your contact information in the comments box below so other potential team members may find you.

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ASTT Healing Garden

04/21/11 | View Comments

The Healing Garden has awakened to spring. The clematis is sending up green tendrils, and the dogwood tree and camellia bush are full of buds. The highbush blueberry is leafing out, and the bulbs planted by clients and garden friends in the fall are ready to burst into flower.

Our garden was designed as a place for reflection and renewal—an outdoor extension of the “safe space” that Advocates for Survivors of Torture and Trauma (ASTT) provides for its clients. As one of the only internationally-accredited centers for the treatment of torture survivors in the region, ASTT offers holistic case management and therapeutic services, free of charge, for those coping with the effects of trauma, displacement, and isolation. During the celebration that marked the opening of the Healing Garden last May, one client spoke of the “inner peace” that its beauty inspires. Here, clients can enjoy the fragrant flowers, gather herbs, sit and talk on the patio, or relax on the TKF-donated bench and listen to birdsong and the plashing of the water-source. Many take part in regular garden activities, including planting days, weeding, and watering.

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