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Sowing the seeds for a deeper understanding of the power of nature as a healing space for individuals and communities


Mary Wyatt

Executive Director


Mary has been key member of TKF since it began and is considered to be one of the first Firesouls. In her role as Executive Director, Mary has worked closely with grantees in the creation of more than 130 regional open spaces, sacred places. She has been a member of Washington Regional Area Grantmakers (WRAG) and served as this organization’s Chair of the Green Funders Affinity Group for more than 10 years. A Certified Master Gardener, Mary volunteers in developing open, sacred places within her community. A long-time Annapolis, MD resident, Mary is the proud mother of two grown daughters and one adorable dog.


Erin Robertson

Enrichment Grants Director


A graduate of Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, Erin most recently worked in the Development Department at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Prior to that position, she served as Legislative Director for Majority Leader of the Maryland State Senate. Erin currently resides in Annapolis with her husband, their four children, and Golden Retriever.


Margaret Schweitzer

Executive Assistant/Office Manager


Growing up an Army brat, Margaret and her family moved seven times before they were able to call Maryland “home,” although her birthplace of Fort Bragg, North Carolina will always hold a special place in her heart. A graduate of Salisbury University, Margaret most recently worked at various radio stations in the Maryland/DC area in web content and broadcasting. Margaret currently resides in Annapolis with her husband and their two dogs – a Pocket Beagle and a German Shepherd.


Elizabeth Housley

Contributing Staff Writer


Elizabeth is an environmental psychology research specialist. Her work contributes to education, research and ecological restoration surrounding our understanding of human health and urban green spaces. She has hiked through the woods with middle-schoolers as a park interpreter in her home state of Arkansas, collected user-based field data to design several NYC spaces, and designs health and environment projects in Seattle. For TKF, she contributes to our research briefings, our Open Voices blog and other written projects within the Nature Sacred Award Program. She is delighted to call lush Seattle her home.

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    Friends of the Green Road is seeking volunteers to help with outdoor projects at the Green Road site in Bethesda, MD. Information available on their webpage (click here) or by email at volunteer@tiih.org

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    Watch this space to for upcoming urban nature and related presentations given by members of our teams, OSSP sites, or associated organizations.

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    We are a private nonprofit that supports, informs, and inspires the creation of publicly accessible urban green spaces. We believe that every city resident needs nearby green space to provide opportunities for mindfulness, respite, and renewal. The Foundation has issued its final grants to build five Open Spaces Sacred Places and research the impacts on a variety of users with the hope that the powerful connection between nature, spirit and human wellbeing will be scientifically proven.

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