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About TKF Foundation and Our Mission

The TKF Foundation was founded by Tom and Kitty Stoner in 1996, after being inspired by an urban park tucked in a busy London neighborhood that was used as a place of refuge during World War II. The Stoners believed that if an urban green space could provide such a place of sanctuary at such a difficult time in history, perhaps places conceived and created by urban communities in our time could also provide opportunities for reflection and rejuvenation. It was from this idea – and with this desire – that the TKF Foundation was formed.

As a result, our mission has been to provide the opportunity for a deeper human experience by inspiring and supporting the creation of specially designed, urban green spaces, which we call “Open Spaces Sacred Places.” These tucked-in spaces offer a temporary place of sanctuary, encourage reflection, provide solace, and engender peace and well-being. It is our hope that by drawing inspiration from our work, city leaders across the country will be encouraged to create more of such spaces for the benefit of their citizens, now and in the future.

Read more about our Vision and Beliefs.

Media Contact and Subject-Matter Experts

We have first-hand experience of specially created, small urban green spaces – “Open Spaces Sacred Places” – and a deep understanding of the mind and body benefits of spending time in these places. For information about TKF Foundation or to schedule an interview with one of our subject-matter experts, please contact: Angela Walseng, Public Relations Advisor, at, (301) 284-0690.

Tom Stoner, TKF Co-Founder

Kathy Wolf, TKF Foundation Research Advisor

Mary Wyatt, TKF Foundation Executive Director

Jay Graham, TFK Foundation Design Advisor

National Nature Sacred Awardees and Project Teams

As the capstone of our work, TKF Foundation is providing $4.5 million in funding to six groundbreaking research projects designed to scientifically prove the inherent value and need for open access to nearby urban green spaces. It is our hope that these studies will demonstrate how nature in the city can provide sacred, spiritual and healing experiences for individuals and communities. Read more here.

Bios and photos of project team members can be found on their project page.

The Green Road, Bethesda, MD

Landscapes of Resilience: Joplin, MO, and Queens, NY

Mechanisms and Design Elements

Naval Cemetery Landscape, Brooklyn, NY

A Nature Place, Portland, OR

Media Library

Associated Organizations and Co-Funders

The TKF Foundation is proud to partner with these prestigious individuals and organizations in the creation of Open Spaces Sacred Places.

Noted Individuals

  • Herbert Benson, MD – Research Scientist/Director, Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Patricia A. Deuster, PhD, MPH – Professor/Director for the Consortium for Health and Military Performance (CHAMP)
  • Esther Sternberg, MD – Director of Research, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Roger Ulrich, PhD, EDAC – Founder of evidence-based healthcare design and one of the most cited international researchers.

Noted Organizations

  • American Heart Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Visionary Art Museum
  • Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Arizona State University
  • Brooklyn Community Housing Services
  • Brooklyn Greenway Initiative
  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation
  • Central Park Conservancy (NYC)
  • Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
  • Cornell University
  • Drury University
  • Green Spaces for DC 9/11 Memorial Grove
  • Horticultural Society of New York
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
  • Legacy Health System
  • Legacy Research Institute
  • March of Dimes
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • National Park Foundation
  • Naval Support Activity-Bethesda (home of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center)
  • Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects
  • NYC Housing Authority
  • Pacific University
  • The David Suzuki Foundation
  • Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Maryland: College Park, Baltimore City, and Baltimore County campuses
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology-Stoner Courtyard
  • USDA Forest Service
  • Washington Parks and People
  • Whitman-Walker Clinic





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    Friends of the Green Road is seeking volunteers to help with outdoor projects at the Green Road site in Bethesda, MD. Information available on their webpage (click here) or by email at

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    Watch this space to for upcoming urban nature and related presentations given by members of our teams, OSSP sites, or associated organizations.

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    We are a private nonprofit that supports, informs, and inspires the creation of publicly accessible urban green spaces. We believe that every city resident needs nearby green space to provide opportunities for mindfulness, respite, and renewal. The Foundation has issued its final grants to build five Open Spaces Sacred Places and research the impacts on a variety of users with the hope that the powerful connection between nature, spirit and human wellbeing will be scientifically proven.

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