Mechanisms and Design Elements

The following peer-reviewed articles were written by team members to communicate their important research reviews and findings.

frontiers in psych logoHayes, D.J., Berman, M.G. (2015). Nature and the environment: The psychology of its benefits and its protection.” Frontiers of Psychology, 6:1804 (2015, November 25).


ExPsych_HP&PKardan, O., Berman, M. G., Yourganov, G., Schmidt, J., & Henderson, J. M.  “Classifying Mental States From Eye Movements During Scene Viewing.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance. (2015, September 7).




frontiers in psych logoHunter, MaryCarol R.; Askarinejad, Ali. “Designer’s approach for scene selection in tests of preference and restoration along a continuum of natural to manmade environments.” Frontiers in Psychology 6 (2015, August 19): 1-21.


scientific reportsKardan, Omid; Gozdyra, Peter; Misic, Bratislav; Moola, Faisal; Palmer, Lyle J.; Paus, Tomas; Berman, Marc G. “Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban center. Scientific Reports 5:11610 (2015, July 9): 1-14.



frontiers in psych logoKardan, Omid; Demiralp, Emre; Hout, Michael C.; Hunter, MaryCarol R.; Karimi, Hossein; Hanayik, Taylor; Yourganov, Grigori; Jonides, John; Berman, Marc G. “Is the preference of natural versus man-made scenes driven by bottom-up processing of the visual features of nature?” Frontiers in Psychology 6:471 (2015, April 23): 1-13.


PNAS 100Shen, Kelly; Misic, Bratislav; Cipolinni, Ben N.; Bezgin, Gleb; Bushchkuehl, Martin; Hutchison, Matthew R.; Jaeggi, Susanne M.; Kross, Ethan; Peltier, Scott J.; Everling, Stefan; Jonides, John; McIntosh, Anthony R.; Berman, Marc G. “Stable long-range interhemispheric coordination is supported by direct anatomical projections.” PNAS Volume 112, No. 20 (2015, April 14): 6473-6478.


PLOS ONe logo 2Berman, Marc G.; Hout, Michael C.; Kardan, Omid; Hunter, MaryCarol R.; Yourganov, Grigori; Henderson, John M.; Hanayik, Taylor; Karimi, Hossein; Johnides, John. “The Perception of Naturalness Correlates with Low-Level Visual Features of Environmental Scenes.” PLOSOne 9 (2014, December 22): 1-25.


PLOS ONe logo 2Misic, Bratislav; Fatima, Zainab; Askren, Mary K.; Buschkuehl, Martin; Churchill, Nathan; Cimprich, Bernadine; Deldin, Patricia J.; Jaeggi, Susanne; Jung, Misook; Korostil, Michele; Kross, Ethan; Krpan, Katherine M.; Peltier, Scott; Berman, Marc G.; Reuter-Lorenz, Patricia A.; Strother, Stephen C.; Jonides, John; McIntosh, Anthony R. “The Functional Connectivity Landscape of the Human Brain.” PLOS One 9 (2014, October 28): 1-21.


Journal of Affective Disorders coverBerman, Marc G.; Kross, Ethan; Krpan, Katherine M.; Askren, Mary K.; Burson, Aleah; Deldin, Patricia J.; Kaplan, Stephen; Sherdell, Lindsey; Gotlib, Ian H.; Jonides, John. “Interacting with nature improves cognition and affect for individuals with depression.” Journal of Affective Disorders Volume 140, Issue 3 (2012, March 31): 300-305.





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