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Mapping Nature in the Mind

10/20/15 | View Comments

Each garden and nearby green space supported by the TKF Foundation includes an iconic bench. A specially created waterproof, blank book and pen combination – located beneath the bench – invites visitors to an Open Space Sacred Place to articulate their experience. Readers can follow updates on new benches and journal entries at #benchstories.

A bench journal reveals insights into gratitude, love and life.

A bench journal reveals insights into gratitude, love and life.


Visitors share words or images of the experience of being in the space. More than a simple diary, record, or log of daily events, each journal is a collection of inspiring thoughts and reflections that attest to our need for opportunities to connect with each other and be in nature.

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TKF Bench History: If This Bench Could Talk

06/11/15 | View Comments



“I come from the long ago. I’m not really sure how old I am. I remember Indian camps, dusty roads, ox-carts, horses, wagons, stagecoaches, and travelers on foot. About 1890 or so it was, so I am told, when I was cut down at last – “virgin timber,” they called me. Seemed to prize me greatly, declaring me “just right.” Not until later did I learn that only certain extremely tight grain trees – such as fir, cypress, redwood, and pine – were considered good enough for pickle barrels.

imlay city 029 Sept. 2009

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Introducing “Bench Stories”

06/11/15 | View Comments

Bench StoriesFor nearly 20 years, the TKF Foundation has been committed to the idea that time spent in nature can trigger profound human experiences. This can be as simple as a stress relieving break from work, to sitting under the shade of a nearby tree, to the healing power of a walk in the woods during a time of great loss or trauma.  Time spent in nature gives us the chance to think, reflect, restore and most importantly, heal.

Unfortunately for many, access to nature is limited. These limitations include both a lack of green space within the city and the time constraints placed upon the individual to experience even brief moments with nature. This is why the TKF Foundation believes it is so important to bring nature to the individual, often in places where the healing forces of nature are needed most.

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