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Measuring the Impact of Nature on Inner-City Children

09/17/15 | View Comments

150For a child growing up in the city, nature is often seen as a foreign or even scary thing. Without access to green space and natural environments, children can fail to form the bond with nature that we as humans often find essential to our existence. As TKF Foundation partner Naval Cemetery Landscape, part of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative, works to restore and revitalize a section of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and cemetery grounds, they are also researching the impact of nature upon children with limited connection to nature.

According to Pamela Ito, Director of Education with The Horticultural Society of New York — another partner in the project, over the past two years they have brought around 100 children from The Green School of Brooklyn to the Naval Cemetery Landscape and other nearby nature environments in the area. Along with helping with the development of the site, the students are getting hands-on experience to go with lessons taught in the classroom.

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Recommended Reading: A New Class of Earth Explorers

12/03/13 | View Comments

Though there are many technological temptations keeping kids indoors, more outdoor education programs are emerging across the country to help children learn about their natural surroundings. The Earth Explorers program based out of 10 different community centers around the city of Rochester, NY is one such program that runs weekly activities for children year round that encourage exploring the outdoors.

According to the city of Rochester’s website, “The Earth Explorers program encourages youth to find nature in their own backyard. Some days, that means working in a garden at the center. Other days, we’re playing a game of Frisbee in snowshoes. A garden or open field serves as a wonderful outdoor classroom, where youth learn while staying engaged and active.”

These types of programs help expose children to hands on application of the natural sciences, as they can often be found planting new vegetables or discovering something new in the dirt. By developing an interest in nature at an early age, these young Earth Explorers can hope to maintain a connection with the natural world as they grow.

Learn more about the Earth Explorers program here.

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