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A City’s History and Future in Place

04/14/15 | View Comments

Each month in our Open Voices blog we share insight from leaders in our communities who are advancing what it means to have sacred, open green spaces in our cities. In April, we talk with several companies and initiatives developing meaningful places in our cities.

“There is a sense that everyone wants to build more community”.

Linda Fordyce, one of the cofounders of the non-profit FireHouse Hostel and Museum, has her thumb on the pulse of changes happening in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. The hostel, set to open this year, is housed in an old firehouse within the grounds of this southern city’s oldest municipal park. MacArthur Park was formally established as Little Rock’s first public park in 1892 when the US Army traded the Little Rock Arsenal’s land, located in what is now Downtown, to the City of Little Rock to “forever exclusively be devoted to the uses and purposes of a public park”. The hostel represents a link between the city’s past and future, with part of the building devoted to a Firehouse museum, and a progressive park plan creating green space opportunities for neighborhoods and international visitors.

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Social Capital and Placemaking: An Interview with Ethan Kent

03/13/14 | View Comments

Drawing from fifteen years of placemaking experience, Ethan Kent, of Project for Public Spaces (PPS) talks about how placemaking contributes to social capital and city governance, and has launched a new type of environmentalism.   Open Voices was pleased to speak with Ethan about the importance of public engagement, planning and visioning to create human-scaled public places right outside our door.   And, as cities around the world embrace the principles of placemaking, PPS increasingly finds itself at the forefront of making great places to live, work and play internationally.

Open Voices:  The opportunity for individuals to jointly shape the collective commons is at the heart of Project for Public Spaces’ work.  What human impacts do you notice among people who collaborate to co-create the public realm just outside their door?

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