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Mind and Body in a Nearby Quiet Space

02/14/17 | View Comments

This post continues last week’s introduction to the health benefits of nature encounters. For greater detail and citations, please check out the new Nature Sacred Monograph “The Sacred and Nearby Nature in Cities”.

We are approaching nearly 40 years of research about the linkages between nature experiences, human disease prevention, and health promotion. As more people move into cities, nearby nature spaces that provide mental and physical health benefits are needed more than ever. Recent research reveals the effects urban noise and distractions have on our minds and bodies, and suggests ways in which nearby tranquil spaces alleviate stress.

Loud urban sounds can be harmful and irritating. A quiet green space might be your answer.

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Reclaim Quiet, Civic Sacred Space

11/29/16 | View Comments

We are bombarded with sensory input everyday, all the time. Car horn blasts, background cell-phone conversations, car exhaust, and digital screens wherever our eyes may wander. Constant stimulation is harmful to health. Urban residents need community spaces that serve as buffers from the sights and sounds of a city; elevating health and well-being for all.

The city is a place for crowds, technology, traffic, AND nature. Source: wikimedia

The city is a place for crowds, technology, traffic, AND nature. Source: wikimedia

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