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Heaven Jordan

Heaven grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, and as a girl scout easily had access to nature. She knows the benefits of nature are so important. Heaven enjoys living in the bustling city now, but knows that there is a need for urban environments to have access to nature and land. She is thrilled to support her community as a Firesoul.

My Sacred Place

BLISS Meadows

A 10-acre urban farm and teaching site to help reconnect Black, Indigenous, and all people of color to nature.

Meet Another Firesoul

Timnit Belay

Growing up as a little girl and only child, Timnit used to spend a lot of time wandering around her family’s garden back home in East Africa. I think this was the main reason that drew me back to the earth when the pandemic hit. Timnit was living in California when the first stay-at-home mandate...


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