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Heaven Jordan

Heaven grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, and as a girl scout easily had access to nature. As a life-long nature-lover, both through Girl Scouts, and in her personal life. She knows the benefits of nature are so important.

While I enjoy living in a bustling city now, I know that there is a need for urban environments to have access to nature and land.

She is passionate about providing this access, especially for the BLISS Meadows and surrounding community.

My Sacred Place

BLISS Meadows

A 10-acre urban farm and teaching site to help reconnect Black, Indigenous, and all people of color to nature.

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Shira Goodman

With three years of experience in managing community gardens elsewhere, Shira joined the Filbert Street team as Internal Relations Coordinator and manager of the production garden in March of 2023. Her timely addition to the Filbert Street team perfectly coincided with the beginning of the Sacred Place design and development there. Especially in an urban...


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