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Jenenne Whitfield

Hailing from Detroit, Jenenne’s professional background is rooted in the intersections of nature, people and art. Prior to coming to AVAM, Jenenne worked for an organization that utilizes discarded materials to create art and beautification projects within community landscape.

Now as the Director of the American Visionary Art Museum, she gets to take her practice to a deeper level by creating beautiful thought-provoking works of art through a curatorial process, both indoors and outdoors.

Nature is one of the few parts of our world that man can not control or destroy. Like us, it is adaptable and resilient. The serenity of nature and Sacred Places helps to balance our sanity in a world of people who are sorely fractured by all facets of life.

My Sacred Place

American Visionary Art Museum Sculpture Garden

The Meditation and Sculpture Garden at the American Visionary Art Museum, featuring a cascading and illuminated water fountain wall - complete with multiple, humorous, carved stone heads, each spouting water - created by visionary elder artist, Ted Ludwiczak.

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