Mary Wyatt

As the former executive director for the TKF Foundation, Mary Wyatt truly embodies what it means to be a Firesoul. Through her previous green space work, Mary was a Firesoul in Maryland and D.C, and now brings her passion for nature to Charleston, South Carolina. For Mary, bearing witness to the positive changes that arise when people come together to grow their communities is what makes her work all worth it.

To Mary, being a Firesoul is more than just a title or responsibility. It is a true passion and true enjoyment of hers to bring people together. Mary loves meeting and supporting people who are trying to make their communities a better place through nature spaces. Her desire to make positive change through joining communities stems from her parents, who taught her that helping others is one of life’s utmost responsibilities. After connecting with Kitty and Tom Stoner, who originated the Sacred Place idea, Mary felt the potential power of Sacred Places.

“A Firesoul is literally a person with ‘fire in their soul’ to make a difference in their communities using nature to create places of respite, safety, and fellowship.”

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