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Willy Agee

For Willy Agee, a full life involves being outdoors on the water all year round. It is no surprise that he now serves as VP of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation in Annapolis, MD—a mission-driven nonprofit that exists to Save the Bay.

The Chesapeake gives so much to me—so I feel it is critical to protect the resource.

Inspiring change is hard work. The staff at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is under great amounts of pressure to influence policy, demonstrate impact and inform the public. In other words—pressure runs high, and the stakes are even higher.

To offer the hard-working staff a place to de-escalate from the day-to-day stresses, CBF integrated a Sacred Place that overlooks a beautiful inlet off the Bay. Staff and the nearby public alike come to the space to find respite and inspiration—to re-engage with nature, and be reminded of its essential role in our lives.

I love to see our staff take advantage of our Sacred Place. It is a great place to clear your head and get ready to re-engage with our mission.

Photo credit: Maureen Porto 

Photo credit: Maureen Porto. 

My Sacred Place

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Inspiration Point

A long path canopied by vibrant trees, plants and flowers, leads to a destination point overlooking one of the many back creeks on the Chesapeake Bay.

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