Step 1: Envision.

You’ve got the fire. Maybe you’ve identified a perfect spot begging for an open, sacred place. Maybe you’d like to see your community come together more. Maybe you’re a Firesoul! Here's what it takes to begin this exciting journey.
  • Proclaim thyself a community leader!. And know that you’re onto something really amazing.
  • Identify the space. Is it publicly owned. Is there a source for water nearby? Get the scoop.
  • Chat with your neighbors. Other community-minded residents + leaders: are they in?
  • Grab an institutional partner. It can help to hook up with school, church, nonprofit to move things forward.
  • Think on funding. Start thinking on grants or means to secure the funding needed.

Step 2: Create.

It's time to put a finer point on things. Now that you've gathered some local input and support—take your notions to a landscape architect to offer up some ideas (and fees) for you. Back-of-napkin sketches can work to start this conversation, or even a list of features can be a jumping off place.
  • Research local landscape architects. Narrow your list to at least two who align with your vision.
  • Draw a plan. Your new friends above will help you draft and estimate creative concepts. Here are some renderings for inspiration to get things moving. 
  • Secure Funding. Grants, fundraisers, partnerships.
  • Dream up uses + programming. What kinds of events would work to keep things humming? Here’s an article that may help spark ideas. Reach out to Nature Sacred to see if your project is ready to become an official Sacred Place.

Step 3: Collaborate.

You're cooking now! You've got a plan, after some back & forth-ing to tighten your concept, and the budget finalized. Now's the time to get (more) buy-in from the community—it'll go a long way to ensure you're nailing it before ground is broken.
  • Invite the community in early! And often. Charrettes are helpful community sessions that ensure all voices are heard.
  • Refine your plan. With your landscape architect and your peers. Until it’s solid.
  • Roadmap a course for programming for the launch & beyond. Holidays, local events, ideas for keeping people engaged in an ongoing fashion.

Step 4: Grow.

Launch with gusto! Celebrate this community event with flair. Invite everyone. And stick to your programming roadmap—evolving it as you go, to ensure you keep people involved and coming together. Maintain the gardens, keeping thing humming and follow us here for some fresh inspiration from our Network!
  • Listen & remain connected with neighbors & stakeholders as you go.
  • Watch. Learn. Share. Evolve. Your Sacred Place is a living ecosystem that will grow and morph over the years  in wonderful ways.

Join the hundreds of forward-thinking communities across the U.S. that have infused nature into their cities for improved health, renewed hope and neighborhood cohesion.

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"Just for today I am grateful for being alive and to have this quiet space."

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