Curated Picks | July 24

We're digging in. We're rolling through a pretty mighty heatwave in many parts of the country, while grappling with a pandemic and an uncertain future. This is a summer we won't soon forget.  To this, we invite you to dive into this week's digital care package — some mental nourishment to remind you that we're in this together — that there are amazing people striving to realize positive change in and through nature. Buoy your spirits with these curated picks as you head into the weekend. 

Imagine this: 

An inclusive version of environmentalism that protects the people and the planet. One which focuses on correcting the injustices happening to marginalized communities — to benefit the earth in transformative ways. This is intersectional environmentalism — a movement headed up by Leah Thomas, a environmental activist, writer and inspired change-maker.

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Urban nature, art & empowerment

What happens when you offer community youth a stage in nature? An opportunity to express their creative perspectives, come together and make art? Beautiful things. Here’s such an example from one of our Sacred Places in Baltimore.

Experience STEP in the Garden  

Justice in farming.

“Stewarding our own land, growing our own food, educating our own youth, participating in our own healthcare and justice systems…this is the source of real power and dignity.” Farm management and labor is about to get redesigned — and here’s a guide to show us how. 

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Coping in crisis.

How is nature helping people cope while their loved ones convalesce—alone? How are people managing stress and finding the strength to persevere? We connected with our Sacred Places at Johns Hopkins and University of MD to find out. 

See how nature is helping people find strength.  

Power down, air conditioners.

Make way for green living rooms, urban forests and white roofs! Check out these nature-based cooling innovations that will keep heatwaves at bay and improve health. 

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