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After eight months, it’s probably safe to say we’re all growing a bit fatigued of living in our immediate environs. And, if your inboxes and phones look like ours do, you’re likely getting a bit worn down from pleas about an upcoming race. Well, this nature care package is here to remind you that you’re in charge of you. That’s right. Take a slice out of your day to catch your breath, recharge, and then go vote. You’ll feel better, we know we do!


Tension, that is. We’ve been offering a “Tension Release Tuesdays” series to our network of Firesouls during this crisis as a means to, well, relax through sound healing and guided meditation. And we’re liking that feeling about now, so we want to share it with you — as a means to boost wellness as we social-distance into these cooler months, from the cozy comfort of home. Enjoy! 

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There’s good strange and bad strange. Some may say that 2020 has brought a little more of the bad variety, so let’s offset that with some of the good stuff. Atlas Obscura on Instagram can do the job — taking you to nature’s “strange and wondrous side” through gorgeous photography  and informative tidbits that remind us just how curious and wonderful our world really is. 

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Volunteering feels good. What’s it like volunteering for lands and trails that we love? This podcast, Where We Walk, chronicles the journey of two women doing this very thing — and how it’s a “way we build paths – not just through the physical act, but also building connections, exposing ourselves to new experiences, taking on leadership roles” and more. 

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Way back in Early Covid Times, a father who’d lost his job headed into nature with his family to boost everyone’s spirits. He took a picture that went on to win a prize. We love this cheery, simple reminder that nature is here to welcome us all as we journey along during this crisis — and you never know what happy surprises await when you get there. 

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A Bench Doodle from Brooklyn, NY

We love it when visitors lend their artful musings and doodles, like this little gift found inside one of our little yellow journals.

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