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Research on the Beneficial Aspects of the Experience of Nature in Cities

As part of the launch of the 2012 launch of the Nature Sacred Awards Program, this review was prepared to provide background and support for award applicants. The diverse collection of studies included in this review investigate human response to urban nature….

Reflect & Restore | Urban Green Space for Mental Wellness

In recent years scientists have revealed how brief encounters with nearby nature can also help to improve our short and longer-term mental capacities. Experiences of nature, even in cities, can promote mindfulness, reduce depression, and improve cognitive performance. This brief explores and summarizes the evidence….

Feeling Stressed? Take a Time Out in Nature

Green spaces, including those located within the most built-up areas of cities, provide restorative settings that offer people respite and recovery from daily and chronic stressors. This research synthesis provides an overview of key research findings on stress and the benefits of nature, paying special attention to “nearby nature” and urban environments….

The Benefits of Nearby Nature in Cities for Older Adults

This briefing is an overview of the health and wellness benefits of urban nearby nature; it gives special attention to the needs of people in their later years. Specific health issues of aging, such as mobility, isolation, assisted living, physical therapy, depression and Alzheimer’s, are touched on in this brief….

Nearby Nature for Human Health | Sites to Systems.

In this brief, the authors explore the opportunities to create networked green spaces in cities. The suggestions are based on evidence that shows that frequent, routine experiences of nearby nature offer respite, healing, and the potential for civic sacred connections….

The Sacred and Nearby in Nature and Cities.

This brief explores the idea of civic sacred, the everyday encounters with nature in cities that have the potential to promote inspiration, deeper thinking, mindfulness, and social and cultural connections. The paper is intended to help local planners and managers, civic leaders, and engaged citizens build support for parks, gardens, and open spaces in their…

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