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In Development: The Hospitality Hub

The organization is taking a multi-stakeholder healing approach by creating 5 Sacred Places to integrate nature into the support of Memphians experiencing homelessness and those who work tirelessly to provide these services.

 The Hospitality Hub of Memphis, an organization working to lift people out of homelessness, hopes to use this five-space node of Sacred Places to expand the services they offer. With deep consideration to how its facilities meet the needs of its clients, the Hub seeks to provide spaces that spark healing for the people who use those facilities. From providing those experiencing homelessness with safe outdoor places to be during the day, to alleviating burnout from the day-to-day stressors experienced by their staff, each of the Hub’s Sacred Places is intended to accomplish a different purpose.


The Staff Courtyard

At the Hub’s new expanded center of operations, serving as the region’s single point of entry for homeless individuals, shelter, and outreach nexus, the Staff Courtyard is a Sacred Place for employees to find respite and solace.


Women’s Space

Outside the new women’s shelter, which houses 32 rooms, will be a dedicated outdoor space for residents, a Sacred Place designed with the principles of trauma-informed care.


Day Plaza

The public Day Plaza will welcome individuals experiencing homelessness to seek respite from street and shelter life.


Hub Hotel: Public Space

Along an exterior wall of the Hub Hotel, a transitional shelter specifically serving women experiencing homelessness, and bordering the adjacent street, this Sacred Place will provide staff, residents, community members, and visitors alike with a natural sanctuary.


Hub Hotel: Women’s & Staff Space

Integrated into the existing enclosed patio, this Sacred Place for staff and residents not only serves to promote healing but also provides an outdoor location for meetings, services, and programs.


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