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Nature Meets Healthcare in Portland, Oregon

Innovative hospitals are responding to a growing desire for less medicalized births. In hospital settings, stress is inherent among patients, families and healthcare professionals. More than forty years of research and several recent studies of patient groups have found that viewing nature can produce rapid and substantial psychological and physiological recovery from stress and anxiety…

Innovative hospitals incorporate garden design

Innovative hospitals incorporate therapeutic garden design into a holistic care approach. One such place, Legacy Health, combines its traditional medical expertise with the healing power of a four-season terrace garden at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center (EMC) in Portland, Oregon. The Terrace Garden provides the Family Birth Center and Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit a restorative place…

"A quiet place. My soul grows still. This, indeed, is a balm for the weary, a shelter for the beaten. I am so grateful for this sacred space. I am now renewed."

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