Neha Srinivasan

Neha's training in landscape architecture and environmental science combine with her talent for art and writing to make her a versatile thinker who can creatively solve complex problems. Whether she's designing a small space or planning for a larger region, her aspiration is always to create resilient, sustainable urban spaces that honor the communities she works with, both human and natural. As the Sacred Places Project Manager, she leverages the entirety of her diverse skill set on projects that foster enduring positive environmental, social, economic, and aesthetic change.    Neha graduated with a B.S. in environmental science and a Master's of Landscape Architecture, both from the University of Michigan. In her spare time, Neha enjoys reading, various forms of art, and dancing. She gets her 20 minutes a day of nature by taking as many of these activities outdoors as possible, soaking up every stray ray of sunshine spilling through her windows, and talking to her houseplants. View Full Team