S. Rasheem

Rasheem is an artist, critical thinker and social scientist who serves to "move others to some positive action that will have a global impact on conscious choice." We're delighted to have her creative, community-centric expertise to lead our Board, our Team and our Firesoul Network with DEI Training.  Rasheem has also helped us craft art-based programming in Sacred Places with events and experiences that engage and inspire people in meaningful ways.  Dr. Rasheem is an Independent Scholar and Social Scientist whose scholarship encourages a critical examination of society and culture through the lens of race, gender, and class. Her educational background is interdisciplinary, and includes a Bachelor's degree in Social Science, a minor in Sociology, a Masters’ in Nonprofit Management and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Work. She has been a Principal Investigator on at least five different qualitative research initiatives and has spoken on the topic of equity at over 30 academic and professional conferences. As an instructor, she has a commitment to helping adult learners gain deeper insight into an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and intersectional approach to the academic study of marginalized populations. Dr. Rasheem’s research practices epistemic justice through centralizing the experiential knowledge of marginalized populations through a qualitative research methodology. You can learn more about how she does this by visiting www.ShvillaRasheem.com . She also believes in the use of culturally relevant theoretical frameworks when studying various populations. Her work contributes to the growing body of literature at the intersection of race and gender. View Full Team  


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