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Disaster recovery and a nature fix

11/17/17 | View Comments

In a couple of short weeks, the Atlantic hurricane season will officially, and hopefully quietly, end, though the disaster it left in its wake will continue to tax communities from Texas to Puerto Rico for weeks and months to come.

In fact, many communities most likely will be still putting the pieces back together again when the next season begins in June. And this should give us all reason to pause. To think. What can we do to encourage recovery?

Of course, our focus at TKF is reacquainting the public with nature, and educating on the power it holds to help restore us individually and as communities and encourage better mental and physical health.  

Greening efforts are an essential piece of recovery; not just of our built and natural environments, but of the people who comprise our communities. This is a key message researchers and social scientists are urgently trying to get across to the public.

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There’s a blindspot in most post-disaster recovery efforts, and it may surprise you

09/13/17 | View Comments

As we watched Harvey enter the US and pummel parts of coastal Texas and Louisiana two weeks ago, and then Irma take aim at the Caribbean and Florida last weekend, our hearts lurched —  seeing both the immediate suffering, and thinking of the long road to recovery that lies ahead.

The images and stories coming out of Houston and the surrounding areas, the Keys, Jacksonville; they triggered memories of Sandy. Knowing what we do, our thoughts quickly turned to resilience and recovery — to what we learned through our work with one community in Queens following that 2012 hurricane.

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston

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