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Health and Wellbeing Improvements

Nature heals.

It helps us combat stress, fight depression and improve mental health and wellbeing. Yet for many, nature is not accessible. This is where Nature Sacred comes in. We offer a unique model, resources and services to infuse small, meaningful urban greenspaces—public sanctuaries that we call Sacred Places—into cities, healthcare institutions, school campuses and communities looking to heal and strengthen in lasting ways.

"In the midst of pain, anger and frustration, this is an oasis of calm and beauty."

Our Work

Driven by research, informed by design and rooted in over two decades’ experience working with over 130 communities from all over the country—we’ve honed a potent formula for integrating Sacred Places into built, diverse communities. We’re excited to share our model with you and all that we have learned along the way—and all that we continue to learn as a network of Sacred Places. 

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A meditation garden within the walls of a federal prison. A sculpture garden built by at-risk youth in the inner city. A therapeutic healing garden on the grounds of a hospital. A community peace garden serving a community made up of 80 different cultures and languages.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of urban green spaces—what we call Sacred Places—that have come to life over the last few decades. We invite you to get to know a few by exploring our searchable directory.


What is a Firesoul?

A catalyst for change. A champion of community. A source of true inspiration. Firesouls are the ones who oversee each Sacred Place—ensuring that it’s working to best serve its people through nature. Beauty. Respite. And much more.

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About Us

We’re committed to helping people connect with nature in their daily lives. Everything we do serves up to inspiring, informing and guiding communities to infuse green spaces—creatively, meaningfully and often modestly—in the name of improved health. Equitable cities. Peaceful communities. 

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