Impact Areas

While the truth stated simply is: nature heals; our understanding of how and where it can be applied is more nuanced and growing. We have assembled a collection of resources themed according to a number of pressing issues and challenges society faces today.

Design & Restorative Places

Discover how purpose-built design is being used to encourage more meaningful nature experiences.

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Disaster recovery

Find out how nature is being employed to help individuals and communities cope with tragedy.

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Explore the many ways nature benefits health and wellbeing.

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PTSD and Recovery

Learn about how nature is being drawn into new approaches to treating “invisible wounds”.

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Social cohesion

Discover how green spaces help build stronger communities.

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Urban Resilience

Get informed of what experts are saying about the need for nature in sustainable cities.

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Fast Fact

Impulse control

Scientists have observed a correlation between greener home surroundings and greater impulse control as well as self-discipline.