Wellbeing in the Workplace with Nature

Forward-thinking organizations are increasingly looking to nature to create more humanized workplaces centered on employee wellbeing. Not only is it the right thing to do for staff, but it helps retain employees, reduces burnout and boosts productivity — as it’s been linked to increasing happiness, replenishing attention and fostering creative thinking. More and more companies are joining the ranks of Google, Facebook, Under Armour and other thought leaders forwarding the nature-at-work movement. Maybe you’re one of them?

Create a Sacred Place at your work environment

Imagine offering staff an accessible pocket of nature at your offices or within walking distance of your offices — tailored to reflect your company culture, brand and ethos — and intended for rejuvenation. Respite. Renewal. Imagine this and you’re picturing a Sacred Place.

Let’s explore the possibilities

Fund a Community Sacred Place

Perhaps you’re a business looking to fund a Sacred Place that offers beauty, respite and renewal to a community elsewhere in the country — where nature may not be accessible. Your support can help the creation of a new Sacred Place in a community looking to strengthen and unify.

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Sponsor a Sacred Place in your community

Perhaps you’d like to help bring fresh enrichment or programming into an existing Sacred Place . As a Corporate Sponsor, you can help fund events, landscape design enhancements or pilot programs at a Sacred Place within our network. 

Let’s unpack this together