Having worked with 130+ diverse communities nationwide for 25 years,
Nature Sacred has honed a process for creating
transformative green spaces, what we call Sacred Places.
The creation of these spaces, intended for healing and unity,
are governed by two core beliefs:

Every Sacred Place is community-led. Each space is conceived by the community it serves, ensuring that it is meaningful, accessible and welcoming to all visitors.


Evidence-based design is central. The Nature Sacred  design principles — driven by research — ensure the space succeeds in helping people cope, process and find renewal.


How does this work?

To effectively merge the two — community input and evidence-based, intentional design — we’ve honed a five-stage methodology that is guided from start to finish by Nature Sacred experts. At the heart of it sits a charrette series: a sequence of collaborative meetings that works to:

  • invite and encourage community input, hopes and dreams for the space; then
  • garner community consensus on the vision; and
  • translate that vision into a meaningful Sacred Place.


1: Prospect

  • Determine budget and establish scope
  • Evaluate site with a Nature Sacred Design Advisor
  • Identify a Firesoul

2: Plan

  • Select a Landscape Architect
  • Survey community
  • Craft project plan and milestones

3: Plot

  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Coordinate pre-charrette community canvassing

4: Produce

  • Host open community charrettes series to envision design elements and features
  • Translate community vision into a schematic design
  • Finalize design through collaborative process

5: Present

  • Install Nature Sacred Bench and journals
  • Plan and co-produce grand opening
  • Onboard Firesoul into the Nature Sacred Firesoul Network

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