What we believe

A Nature Sacred manifesto, of sorts. 

We believe that nature is a right that should be afforded to every individual
—like air to breathe, water to drink and nature to thrive. It is through nature—the act of reconnecting with it—that we can realize healthier, safer and more inclusive societies. 

Larger-scale city parks are glorious, yet we advocate for small, accessible green spaces that people can walk to; spaces tucked with the communities they serve. Modest, meaningful and welcoming. 

It is our firm belief that change happens from within. Championing the collective power of community charges a potent kind of electricity. One that people feel they can plug their lights into—and remain plugged into. Never “top-down”, but always open, peer-driven and participatory. 

These are more than platitudes for us. This is our reality; our every day—and we’re so excited to share all that we’ve learned. 

The mission of Nature Sacred is to provide the opportunity for a deeper human experience by inspiring and supporting the creation of public green spaces that offer a temporary place of sanctuary, encourage reflection, provide solace, and engender peace and well-being.

We envision a time when every urban community in the U.S. will provide people with opportunities for intimate, intentional daily doses of nearby urban nature through the creation of a system of nature spaces. 

"Today I became someone different. I made something very special come alive. A place where we could sit, think, get outside and get our minds together."

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