How each community interprets the Nature Sacred model to best serve its needs, culture and people is where the magic happens. 

In other words, what happens inside these Sacred Places on a daily basis is where the rubber meets the road—in terms of impact. The questions become: How do the Firesouls—a kind of civic caretaker of the spaces—keep the events and programming humming? How to maintain a space in a way that welcomes all visitors? What are creative ways to infuse a sense of Place and pride? What works best?

This is the right thing to do. It is our moral obligation to care for others, the environment and our larger universe. We can use nature to help all community members experience a healthier lifestyle.

– Firesoul Teresia Hazen

To that end, we’ve established a Nature Sacred Network made up of Firesouls from our most active Sacred Places.

Our aim is to cultivate a helpful collaboration, or alliance, between spaces—across cities and states. A means to convene, share, learn and grow from each other. To identify what works best and evolve.

Through this network, we’re excited to amplify nature’s impact on collective health and wellness—across cities and regions. We’ll work to gain a better understanding of what happens when Sacred Places join together to impact the health and wellness of its people. And to better understand how, collectively, Nature Sacred “systems” can yield powerful outcomes on across cities, states and beyond.

Stay tuned here—our Nature in Action articles will serve as a kind of window into our “live lab”; a portal into the stories, news and lessons learned from the Nature Sacred Network.

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