Guiding Principles

Each Sacred Place is intended to reconnect people with nature—to restore our minds. Regain perspective. Find balance. Renew ourselves. 

From smaller, urban pocket gardens to more expansive, institutional parks, each Sacred Place is tethered together by the following core principles. These are the underpinnings of each space—the ethos that make them impactful. 


Physically open and accessible to visitors regardless of race, creed, background or beliefs—all are welcome.


Designed to bring respite, encourage mindful reflection, engender peace.


Located within the neighborhood it serves—closeby.


Built for and by the community it serves; reflective of place, story and culture.



A signature bench that invites people to pause—to sit, breathe, be present, reflect, enjoy space in nature and each other.


Tucked in each bench is a blank yellow book and pen; available to any visitor to share thoughts and experiences on the page—a simple notion with a powerfully cathartic outcome.


Every Sacred Place needs a Firesoul: an impassioned individual (or two!) who believes in the power of nature to unite, support and heal their community—in meaningful and lasting ways.

Sense of Place

Each community has a unique story which can be conveyed via artifacts, design, art—stories that share its history; giving a sense of pride and place.

Design Elements


An archway, gate, stand of trees, pergola or other marker that denotes a clear transition from the everyday hustle to a reflective space in nature.


Whether straight or more meandering, a Path gives an individual a sense of safety in time and space—a means to have one’s feet on the ground while connecting to a greater reality.


A defined point or points toward which someone moves along the path—a kind of journey or pilgrimage of discovery.

Sense of Surround.

Shrubbery, fencing, trees, gardens, sculpture, or other means to provide an encompassing sense of boundary, safety, and enclosure within the Sacred Place.

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"Thank you for this tool I can share with my 7-year-old daughter, for this labyrinth makes meditation easy for the young to understand."

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