Our philosophy

We’re in the throes of an unprecedented migration of two kinds—we’re fleeing the country for the city; and the visual for the virtual.

We’re more urban and digital than ever before—living our lives largely enclosed in urban landscapes often devoid of trees, plants — greenspaces.

At the same time, stress levels are rising. Though medicine has seen incredible advances in recent decades, life spans that had for many years been lengthening are actually now contracting. And our communities are facing old and new challenges alike. Some manmade; some natural.

As a nation, we are quick to acknowledge the destructive power of nature. But we are guilty of under-recognizing its capacity to heal; to promote well-being, and of under- investing in green infrastructure that has the potential to combat a host of personal and, by extension, societal ills.

Often forgotten is the fact that we are a part of nature. Our need to connect with it is innate. When it’s lost, we suffer. When it’s restored, we thrive.
—Tom Stoner, Co-Founder, Nature Sacred

This is why, we at Nature Sacred have worked for more than two decades to give people the opportunity to connect with nature; to restore this essential, sacred bond. A simple concept, yet wholly profound when exercised.

As we look to the future, it is our hope that we reimagine our cities and societies through a renewed lens—one that views a world where people, nature and cities all coalesce. Small, nearby instances of green infused into urban landscapes offer more than beauty, they serve to reorient us in powerful ways— offering a moment of solace; asking us to pause, reflect and refocus.

And in today’s frenetic world, that moment can change everything.

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"Thank you for this tool I can share with my 7-year-old daughter, for this labyrinth makes meditation easy for the young to understand."

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