ALSA award-winning Naval Cemetery Landscape, home of a Sacred Place in Brooklyn, NY

How to design a Sacred Place that is accessible to all community members, reflective of culture and a source for healing?

It takes a healthy balance of collaboration, expertise and, of course, science.

Many green spaces can miss the mark — they’ve been designed without intent; without the community members in mind. They may feel unsafe or unwelcoming to all community members; or hard to access; or perhaps too difficult to maintain. These are common issues.

This is where a strategic, community-centric process benefits the creation of a healing green space — a Sacred Place. This ensures that the space is successful in helping people heal, strengthen and come together in a space that means something to them. This part is key. And sometimes challenging to materialize.

Which is where Nature Sacred’s Design Team comes in.

Guidance and Expertise

For twenty-five years, we’ve worked alongside over 130 institutions, organizations and communities of many shapes and sizes to create meaningful Sacred Places — and have learned a lot along the way. We’ve distilled all that we have learned into a five-stage process, and our Nature Sacred Design Team is here to help guide you through it at every step along the way.


Led by Design Advisors

Preeminent landscape architects, researchers and experts — many of whom have been Nature Sacred collaborators for over two decades — who share our belief in the healing powers of nature and bring vast expertise in green space design for institutions, urban neighborhoods and corporate campuses.

Supported by Nature Sacred Staff

Those of us who live and breathe all things Nature Sacred: strategists, program managers, communications experts and horticulture professionals — helping ensure your Sacred Place succeeds in helping your community heal.

Informed by DEI Advisors

A team of advocates and leaders committed to health equity, diversity and inclusion through landscape design and publicly accessible green spaces — informing our process, model and practices.

Shaped by a Nationwide Network

An alliance of Firesouls actively involved with their communities — lending ideas for engagement, programming and evolving your Sacred Place.

How We Work

Your Nature Sacred Design Team is hand-picked based on program needs, goals and vision.

Collaborating closely with you and your team, and guided by the 5-stage methodology, your team works to:

  • Forge a strategic plan based on needs and vision
  • Ensure the design is community-led, community-centric.
  • Uphold the Nature Sacred design principles and ethos for healing, respite and unity
  • Manage and guide the process from start to finish
Fountain at the University of Maryland.


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