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A model for integrating green spaces that heal.

Urban life is built for efficiency—we’re paved, wired and tightly packed. Over time, our mental clutch grinds thin from this pace, leaving us stressed, anxious, imbalanced. And, ironically, isolated. 

There’s a reason for this: we’ve become disconnected from nature. Humans are hardwired to need exposure to nature—we share an essential bond as we’re part of the same system. When disconnected, we suffer. Together, we thrive. Research continues to prove just how.

We’ve made it our mission over the last two decades to find a way to infuse green spaces into communities in ways that reconnect us with nature, our thoughts, and each other. In ways that restore balance, promote health and engender peace.


Pride from within.

When people think about nature in cities, our minds can jump to expansive, lush city parks. What we advocate for is something smaller—thoughtful green spaces tucked into the communities they serve. In ways that mean something to its people. These are modest, discrete spaces creatively tailored to reflect its community, its history and place. The results are inspiring. 

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Rooted in research. Informed by design.

25 years of community success stories told us a thing or two. We learned that our model, our way of creating Sacred Places was working. But, how, exactly? In what ways do design and nature best combine to foster individual healing and help communities to come together? We’ve spent the last 5 years studying this very subject—and we’re more inspired than ever with the results.

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Glimmers of hope—embedded right in the communities they serve.

Nestled in a small city corner, woven into a hospital campus, tucked into prison grounds—Sacred Places can take a variety of shapes and sizes. Yet they all deliver on a shared goal: to help people and communities heal and strengthen in nature. Feel free to explore some of the over 130 Sacred Places we’ve supported over the last two decades—let us know if they spark any ideas on your end!

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"Thank you for this tool I can share with my 7-year-old daughter, for this labyrinth makes meditation easy for the young to understand."

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