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Happy New Year from Nature Sacred

12/27/16 | View Comments

As 2016 comes to an end, we invite you to pause, breathe, and express thankfulness for what is positive in the life-world around you. We are thankful for plants which provide oxygen, shelter, and encourage positive thoughts. We are thankful for the wildflowers popping up through the cracks, the landscapers who install native plantings, and the urban planners who plan our cities for health.

As you spend the coming days with friends and family, visit one of these Nature Sacred sites, or a green space nearby where ever you are, for a moment of personal renewal and social connection. You can read more about these spaces and the emerging research findings on our awards page.

Naval Cemetery Landscape in Brooklyn, NY

 As one node of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative – a 14-mile commuting route for non-motorized transportation – the Naval Cemetery Landscape project provides restorative relief to individuals from the urban environment. Sited atop an old cemetery at the former Brooklyn Navy Yard, this new meadow will revitalize the native plant and pollinator populations in the region and attract other forms of life that depend on thriving numbers of these native inhabitants. It opened in summer 2016.

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Trading Birdsong for Fireworks

12/29/15 | View Comments

As you celebrate New Year 2016, consider trading in the boom and lights for quiet birdsong, soft waves or a quiet garden stroll. 

Vashon Island in the Puget Sound offers bird shelter among the driftwood. On the beach, small brown birds nestle and forage among the smooth pebbles and Puget Sound driftwood. 

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