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Posted on 01/12/18


“…This is a place to ‘know’ your dreams and feelings about life can almost come true,” Holly continued.

This Bench Story comes to us from West Baltimore—the neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester. This Sacred Place is tucked within a busy city intersection—an intersection working to restore health, hope and wellbeing to a community grappling with decades of poverty—and the challenges that can bring. This is the Intersection of Change. Learn more its story here.

This small, but meaningful park was built where dilapidated, vacant row homes previously stood—and offers its community an accessible, nearby means to heal, restore itself and dream. As Holly did.

Tucked into each of our signature benches, a small, yellow, waterproof journal is available to anyone who feels moved to use it. Here, people share honest, open stories of healing, despair, joy, grief, humor, art and more. #BenchStories

Presstman Street, Baltimore; “before”. Photo credit: The Intersection of Change.



Presstman Street; “after”. Image credit: The Intersection of Change.

Intersection of Change Sacred Place at night.


Even small, meaningful instances of nature can bring a huge impact.

















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