2023 Gratitude Report


Centering Gratitude: 2023 Annual Report

To better reflect our organization’s values, we’ve retitled our Annual Report the Gratitude Report. This change is more than symbolic—it’s a testament to the power of gratitude in driving our mission forward.

In this year’s Gratitude Report, we invite you to explore the significant impact we’ve achieved together.

A few highlights from this year:

  • 76 new Sacred Places have been added to our pipeline since 2020, expanding the sanctuaries of peace and natural beauty across our communities.
  • 45 new Firesouls were warmly welcomed into our Network.
  • Through our commitment to support and enhance Sacred Places, 46 Enrichment and Enhancement Grants were awarded, ensuring these places continue to thrive and serve as havens of tranquility and connection.

Dive into our Gratitude Report for a detailed look at the ripple of impact we’ve made together. Join us in celebrating the steps we’ve taken and the paths we’re forging, all centered around the transformative power of gratitude and nature.

*Note: the digital version of the report contains two additional pages of photos from the Nature Sacred Network and community.