A profile in giving: Eva Ho

An advocate for equity

Eva Ho made her first donation to Nature Sacred in 2020 and has been inspired to give year after year. Rooted in community, she’s made it her life’s work to champion communities and recognize and reduce inequities. In this way, Eva’s work reflects Nature Sacred’s mission.

As she puts it, “Alden – and Nature Sacred – use nature and I use technology. We share a common goal to make the world more just and equitable.”

Residing in LA, Eva sees firsthand the vital need for nearby, contemplative nature. She is inspired by the mission and the community-driven design process.

“Very beautiful, very thoughtful – integrated into specific neighborhoods, how each space represents the community – no forced design, no pre-conception, created WITH the people who will end up using it. That thoughtfulness is so important and I LOVE that each space is unique and special.”

In her decision to support Nature Sacred over time, Eva feels there’s a call to action for anyone who feels inspired by an organization.

“I understood and resonated with the Nature Sacred mission and the legacy of the organization, and feel compelled to continuously give. As donors, I believe [sic] we have to give consistently for the organization to exist, grow, and thrive.”

When thinking about impact over time, Eva believes that support is not a give once and be done.

“I give because I think – these spaces – Sacred Places matter. When you see something worthwhile, if you believe they deserve to be created and grown, you have to support it. For me, it goes beyond just belief in the mission to belief in the leadership and the team.”

An avid traveler, frequenting places that are hard to get to and that most people do not seek out, Eva wholeheartedly believes in bringing nature closer to people – where they work, live, play, and heal. We are thankful for Eva’s ongoing support and belief in our mission!