Around the Network with Erin: Annapolis Light House

While I dearly miss seeing each of you and hearing your voices in person, I’m so moved by the stories I’m getting from you virtually.

Jennie Crawford, our Firesoul at The Annapolis Light House, is such an example. She shared a quick snapshot of what her Sacred Place is offering her community, right now, during the crisis. I’m sharing her update and images below.

The Light House is a place of renewal and hope for our neighbors struggling with homelessness, and the recent public health crisis has presented unique challenges for these vulnerable community members.The individuals and families we serve will be those hardest hit by this crisis, and most will also struggle with the difficult question of how to practice social distancing without a safe place to call home.

Our Light House residents and community clients each have unique circumstances that bring them through our doors, but one factor that they all seem to share is an experience with some level of severe trauma. Before coming to The Light House, most of our clients have no place to call home or improve their lives, and most feel unwelcome wherever they go.

The Light House’s calming atmosphere is one of the distinguishing factors of our organization, and we get so much from our Sacred Place’s beautiful outdoor garden and meditation area.

Now with the added stress of this public health crisis, this comforting and healing outdoor space where our clients feel welcome and at ease is more important than ever. In our Sacred Place, our clients are able to decompress and relax by sitting in or walking through these healing garden spaces. They are able to enjoy the sunshine, breathe in the clean fresh outdoor air, and look forward to even brighter days to come.










Archived from April, 2020