Around the network with Nature Sacred — Labyrinth Leaders


Garden of Little Angels, Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Our 2022 Firesoul affinity group meetings officially kicked off with our Labyrinth Leaders gathering on January 27th! Labyrinths serve as a destination within and design feature of many Sacred Places — across states and locations such as colleges, churches and communities. Our virtual meet-up welcomed our Labyrinth Leader Firesouls representing that very diversity. 

Our Labyrinth Firesouls began the session by reflecting on last year’s Walk for Peace event on October 5. The idea sparked during a Firesoul gathering  — to be a part of the National Labyrinth Day for Peace. When envisioning this event, our Firesouls recognized that our shared experiences of a global pandemic, economic hardships and racial injustice have awakened a need to heal, unify and connect – meditative and healing labyrinths present that very opportunity.  The Walk for Peace aimed to center and ground visitors — to help them appreciate each other, ourselves and of course, nature and all that it has to offer. For visitors new to labyrinth walking, we created a Labyrinth Guide to help get started.

Four Sacred Places participated, with both in-person and virtual offerings for their communities. Thanks to our ambitious group of Labyrinth Leaders, last year’s walk was so successful that another is being planned for this May – May 1st is World Labyrinth Day. Stay tuned for more information on that!

In addition to planning more collaborative events, our Labyrinth Firesouls shared feedback and suggestions on how our Nature Sacred team can further support Firesouls and the Sacred Places they steward. In particular, they requested more assistance in identifying potential funding resources as well as increased promotion of Nature Sacred’s  Enrichment and Enhancement Grants. As we work toward better promotion of funding resources, we want to share with you two to get started:

Amazing Port Street Garden, Baltimore, MD
  1. Our first round of 2022 Enrichment and Enhancements Grants is open for applications. The deadline is Friday, March 4th.
  2. We have compiled a list of resources and opportunities for external funding. 

Overall, Labyrinth Leaders brought such wonderful energy, and made this such a successful first affinity group meeting! We shared ideas, stories and laughs — and built up some great momentum for the rest of the year. 

Next up for our affinity groups: An in-person lunch and learn for our Baltimore Firesouls on March 23rd. One of our newest Firesouls Annette March-Grier will host us at Roberta’s House, the site of 2 future Sacred Places — thanks so much, Annette! Firesouls, more details on this gathering to come, so keep an eye on your inbox.