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Andrea Fitz

Program Coordinator for the Department of Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy, Andrea Fitz has been involved with Nature Sacred since 2014. Beginning her journey as a Firesoul for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in 2018, Andrea’s enthusiasm for spreading positivity and helping others is completely contagious! A volunteer at a local animal rescue to foster dogs and find them their forever homes and avid worker at the hospital, Fitz emits Nature Sacred’s mission of helping the community.

“The most rewarding part of my role as a Firesoul is hearing the stories of those who have used and benefited from the labyrinth, as well as witnessing some of the amazing events we’ve hosted on the labyrinth. One of my favorites is our annual Light the Labyrinth event in which we celebrate the diversity in our community—dancing, singing, drinking hot chocolate and lighting the campus. “

As a part of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center staff, one of Andrea’s many roles is ensuring maintenance of the labyrinth, which includes checking the water feature, sacred bench, and refilling journals and brochures. To guarantee its visitors enjoy its space, Andrea aids in creating different interactive programs on the labyrinth. Equipped with a beautiful fountain and monument, patients and their families often take a trip to the Sacred Place that offers them a moment of peace and happiness.

My Sacred Place

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center Healing Garden and Labyrinth

Through the creation of a labyrinth, the project reaches out to patients, staff and the community with a message of hope and healing, while offering an opportunity for relaxation and peace.

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