Beth Myers-Edwards

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Beth Myers-Edwards

Beth works as the Engagement Coordinator at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church which helps to steward the Amazing Port Street Commons. She is an East Baltimore resident and social worker with a passion for building relationships. She’s been attending Amazing Grace since 2009 and in August 2023 joined the team to help with administrative and programmatic support, communications, fundraising & congregational and community engagement.

Beth is eager and interested in connecting with other Firesouls to share resources, ideas, and connections.

I believe in the healing power of nature. Communing with nature is a big part of my self-care, spiritual practice and how I cope with life’s challenges. I want to share this gift with neighbors who are also seeking health, healing and wholeness.

My Sacred Place

Amazing Port Street Garden

Amazing Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church and The McElderry Park Community joined together to create Amazing Port Street, a project on a mission to build community and nurture life through creating a Sacred Community Commons for Healing and Peace in the heart of the community.

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