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Jennifer Arndt Robinson

When Jennifer Arndt Robinson moved into her Baltimore neighborhood in 2001, she was told to stay away from nearby Patterson Park. What does a true nature and animal lover do? Jennifer got a dog and visited the 137-acre park daily.

It was on these daily walks that she made new friends, connections and started shifting her perception of community. The park became a sort of third home to her, apart from her house and office, a critical urban ecosystem of people, nature and, of course, dogs. A critical refuge to “reset”—a place to get out of cars, be active, talk to people. To connect.

To further support the efforts of the park, Jennifer joined the Friends of Patterson Park board in 2008, and then transitioned to a professional role a few years a later.

One of the core features of the park is an iconic, marble water fountain from 1864—a powerful source of community pride, place and togetherness. It was decided that this space would become a Nature Sacred restoration project to ensure its future use. As Jennifer puts it: “When our historic fountain doesn’t work, it changes the way someone experiences their walk in the park. When it does work, it has the power to change people’s perspectives on their day. The water is cooling on a hot day and captures rainbows in the sunshine.” (picture)

As a Firesoul, Jenny looks for ways to help make the space more sacred—a place for personal respite as well as community unity—and meaningful to park users. Some of this work is more practical, behind-the-scenes upkeep—keeping things working so the community doesn’t need to worry about it.

Yet the rewards are potent. To Jennifer, she loves to observe the park visitors—witnessing the myriad ways people use it and make it their own. To see how people connect and bond. Recently, Jennifer shared, a neighbor is going through treatment for cancer. He comes to the fountain almost every day he’s able, and enjoys just sitting and taking it in. He’s become part of the park family—everyone’s following his journey along. That’s community.

In being a good listener and observer, one can effectively evolve to best serve people—to keep them coming back. To keep the community harmonious. To keep its people—and pets—healthy and inspired.

Photo credit: Maureen Porto. 

My Sacred Place

The Marble Fountain Garden at Patterson Park

Patterson Park is known to its urban neighborhoods as “the best backyard in Baltimore.” Surrounded on all sides by densely populated urban neighborhoods, this 137-acre park has been valued and loved by the southeast Baltimore community for generations.

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