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Judy Feldt

Judy has enjoyed planting and gardening all her life, making sure to keep her mom’s rose bed weeded as a kid. Today, she is a retired attorney and volunteer archeologist with Anne Arundel County and the state of Maryland. Judy also enjoys gardening, and hiking with a club.

I am relaxed being outside in nature, seeing different views and elevations in gardens and on hiking trails.

Judy also makes miniature or fairy gardens for women going through breast cancer treatment, and for friends and family as a way to show her appreciation for them. Creating fairy gardens is a way for Judy to express herself and tell a story through these mini worlds.

Judy has unique way of appreciating a garden.

Part of my take on a garden is where am I really, where is magnetic north, how long has it been here, what is beyond the garden in every direction, what is above, what is below, where are the sunny and shady spots, where is my eye going first, what is my emotional take away, do I even notice the world outside the garden.

Judy has been visiting the gardens at Epiphany Chapel for a long time and thrilled to inherit the role of Firesoul.

It’s vital and wonderful to have these Sacred Places for the congregation and the community to experience and enjoy.

My Sacred Place

Epiphany Chapel

One project in which Episcopalians have been directly involved is the Peace Garden and labyrinth, dedicated in 2002 on the grounds of Epiphany Chapel and Church House in Odenton, Md., to honor the 2,929 military chaplains who served in World War I.

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