Katelynn Wiggins

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Katelynn Wiggins

Katelynn Wiggins is the internal communications staff wellbeing manager at the American Psychological Association. She promotes the wellness, connectedness, and fulfillment of employees in the workplace.

My Sacred Place

American Psychological Association Green Rooftop and Labyrinth

Located in downtown Washington, D.C., this green roof garden and rooftop labyrinth is open for public use on the roof of the American Psychological Association.

Meet Another Firesoul

John Corea

John Corea, a public policy research manager for the biopharmaceutical industry, bought a house in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington DC in 2002. He quickly became intrigued by—and then obsessed with—a plot of land behind his house that was collectively owned by the community. Nestled between two city streets, Crispus Attucks Park is a “unique...


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