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Linda Adamson

Linda is a retired educator (elementary teacher and teacher educator). As such, she knows the importance for children’s development and overall wellbeing to have experiences in natural environments.

As a 5th grade teacher, I had my students design, install and care for a colonial-style vegetable garden in an unused courtyard of the school property; needless to say, it was highly engaging over time. In addition, it was an equalizer: there was no barrier to full participation for my struggling readers, no special benefit for being an above-level reader. The garden engaged students with their families on weekends to continue caring for the garden. It was a powerful experience for me to see the impact this rather simple project was able to have.

Linda serves as co-chair for St. Anne’s Cemetery Committee. As such, Linda has a deep commitment to both caring for the historic 17-acre cemetery but also to enhancing the ways it can serve as a place of respite, reflection, peace and reconciliation. In particular, she is dedicated to ensuring this is a welcoming place for all members of St. Anne’s, the whole Annapolis community, and most especially for the immediate neighbors along W. Washington St. and Northwest St., and in the Clay Street community that borders part of our property.

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