Marie Lanier Narváez

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Marie Lanier Narváez

Marie is the promotions and marketing coordinator at SIFAT, an international nonprofit community development organization. From helping their training graduates overseas and taking people to serve their projects, to introducing a global awareness to children, youth and young adults, SIFAT strives to help meet basic human needs.

For Marie, being in nature always brings vivid memories of different places she’s lived and visited. The natural beauty on the campus at SIFAT is one of the most memorable parts of her guests experience, so having their Sacred Place gives visitors a destination to enjoy and savor their visit.

Hopefully, being able to sit and reflect on the programming or training in which they have participated will create a memory point.

My Sacred Place

Sarah’s Garden at SIFAT Campus, in partnership with CFNEA

Sarah’s Garden beckons the public to come, sit, unwind, think, pray, and meditate. It is an ideal place for those with mental health issues, as it sets up a therapeutic space. But overall, it is a communal setting for all to simply relax and reflect.

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