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Marsha Legg

Marsha Legg is the Chief Executive Officer of Opportunity Builders, Inc, (OBI), a non-profit serving individuals with disabilities, located in Millersville, Maryland. As a resident of Anne Arundel County herself, Marsha greatly enjoys the vast beauty and natural amenities that the County has to offer. As someone who has dedicated her career to supporting and enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities, Marsha also understands the importance of everyone, regardless of ability, having access to all that our community has to offer, including safe, therapeutic, outdoor spaces. Hence, her excitement to be a part of the Firesoul Network.

Marsha holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development from the George Washington University and has worked at some of Maryland’s top disability-serving nonprofits during her 20+ year career. Marsha joined OBI as their CEO in July of 2020, just a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The importance of outdoors spaces, and the importance of mental health, as well as the correlation between the two, were among the many things highlighted during the pandemic. OBI sits on a sprawling, 14 ½ acre property surrounded by woods, forming a sort of “oasis” in an otherwise mostly industrial area. Marsha’s vision is to expand upon the natural beauty that already exists, creating strategically-designed Sacred Places for individuals of all ages and abilities to enjoy. OBI’s Sacred Places will include a reflection/memorial garden, as well as an interactive sensory garden.

My Sacred Place

Opportunity Builders, Inc. – Coming Soon

A Sacred Place that will enhance OBI's ability to host outdoor events, integrate nature and nature care activities into their programs and workforce development training, increase the eco-friendliness of their campus, and provide an intentional, inviting space for outdoor relaxation and contemplation.

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