Michael Schaffer

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Michael Schaffer

Michael works with Bon Secours, serving as Community Schools Coordinator. In this role, he supports over 350 families, connecting them with resources and programs.

For Michael, it is important that the community can identify with safe and engaging open spaces within their neighborhoods.

The Moon Garden represents an intergenerational open space where Youth, Golden Agers & Families can engage in Community Activities or organic beautification projects.

Michael is proud to be a Firesoul and values connections with other Firesouls. Prior to the opening of his Sacred Place, Michael connected with Kirby Lane Firesoul, Donald Quarles, a long-time community member whose site is just around the corner from the Moon Garden.

My Sacred Place

Moon Garden, in partnership with Bon Secours Community Works – Coming Soon

A spacious garden oasis and outdoor learning space in West Baltimore.

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Kelcey Johnson


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