Pastor Michael Martin

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Pastor Michael Martin

Pastor Michael Martin serves as the Senior Pastor for the Christian community of Stillmeadow Community Fellowship Church, located in Baltimore, Md. Martin has worked to promote health and diversity in the church while also working with other church communities.

I see caring for nature and the Stillmeadow Peace Park as an extension of my personal relationship with God. I believe that He created everything and left us as stewards of His creation. Thus, I find it truly delightful to have a church where we can cultivate an appreciation for people in our church, community, and city. Furthermore, I am awestruck by how a swatch of land can bring people to a heightened awareness of nature, each other, and the world.

My Sacred Place

Stillmeadow PeacePark – Coming Soon

A 10-acre urban experimental forest affiliated with a Baltimore Resiliency Hub at the Stillmeadow Community Fellowship.

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