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Rev. Cherie Smith

Rev. Cherie Smith has served as the Director of the Pastoral Care Department at Medstar Franklin Square for 20 years. She provides spiritual and emotional support to patients, families and hospital associates while also  serving as co-chair of the Wellness Team.Rev. Cherie I loves her hospital and the people who work there and finds joy in stewarding a green space dedicated to their wellbeing.

For Rev. Cherie, Nature is a healing source for the body and the spirit. It offers perspective, peace and hope, is beautiful soothes the soul.

Our associates (including myself) do the courageous work of being present to illness, suffering, death and dysfunction every day. It is usually happens in doors in a clincial area, Providing healing outdoor spaces where we can take some deep breaths, see beauty, and leave the cliical setting is so important. Studies prove that even a few minutes in a green space away from the “front lines” does much to mitigate the damaging effects of witnessing trauma.

My Sacred Place

MedStar Health Associates Garden – Coming Soon

A respite for associates at Franklin Square, particularly those working in the ER.

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